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Research Paper - 7th Grade - Mr. Haddad


The resources on this page are meant to assist you if you are absent or simply want a reminder of what we discussed in class. They are NOT meant to take the place of being in the classroom and learning from Mr. Haddad.

Viewing Slideshows: 

On PC’s, Choose “Open” when downloading each slideshow.

To move through the slideshow, simply click on the slides.

Research Paper Guidelines:

  1. Rubric (handout)

  2. Explanation of the Rubric (handout)

Example Research Paper

  1. Example Title Page (handout) (I typically make my title page separate from the rest of the research paper to make numbering the pages easier)

  2. Example Research Paper (handout)

Finding & Narrowing a Topic:

  1. “Finding  Narrowing a Topic” (slideshow)

  2. Interest Inventory (handout)

  3. Introductory Video (this video is simply meant to give you an idea of what the process of writing a research paper is all about. The guidelines in the video are NOT the same as Mr. Haddad’s.  It is a very large file, you may want to delete it after viewing.)

Writing a Thesis Statement:

  1. “Thesis Statement” (slideshow)

  2. Thesis Statement Approval Sheet (handout)

Using Research Note Cards & Plagiarism

  1. “Using Note Cards & Plagiarism” (slideshow)

  2. Bibliography Card Cheat Sheet (handout)

Citing Sources & Works Cited page

  1. “Citing Sources” (slideshow)

  2. Bibliography Cheat Sheet (handout)

  3. The 5 Basic Ways to Cite Sources (handout)

  4. “” (website) (follow MLA - check out video below for more info)

  5. How to use “EasyBib” (video)

  6. How to use “EasyBib” to cite websites (video)

Writing Introductions

  1. “Writing Introductions” (slideshow)

Writing Conclusions

  1. “Writing Conclusions” (slideshow)


  1. “Unity in Research Papers” (slideshow)

Formatting & Revising Guidelines:

  1. Double Spacing (video)

  2. Numbering Pages #1 - The basics (video)

  3. Numbering Pages #2 - How to number your pages without numbering the tile page (video)

  4. Hanging Indents for the Works Cited Page (video)

  5. Formatting Checklist (video)

  6. Checklist for Revision (handout)

Using Websites

  1. “How to Evaluating Website Sources” (slideshow)

  2. How to Search the Internet More Easily (video below):

  1. The video above “Web Search Strategies in Plain

  2. English” is by Lee LeFever, not Mr. Haddad